Did you know:

Pain is characterized by nerve activity at locations know as Active Trigger Points.

Dense electrical pulses applied precisely at Active Trigger Points stimulate nerve endings to cause the release of endorphins and provide highly effective pain relief.


What is Soleve:


The Soleve Technique uses multiple sophisticated measuring and pulsing noninvasive miniature probes. Soleve acquires the electrical properties of hundreds of points on your back for identifying potential Active Trigger Points and applying a series of Hyper-Stimulation pulses to each of the targeted locations. The process is fast, accurate and fully automated.


Targeted - A two dimensional image of skin impedance is generated. Soleve image processing algorithms analyze the data to help identify the Active Trigger Points potential locations and visualize it on the impedance image. Appropriate points are then targeted for treatment.


Hyper-Stimulation - Immediately afterwards, a series of localized, dense electrical pulses are delivered to the targeted points, accelerating the release of our body’s natural pain killers and relieving pain.


  • Takes up to 45 minutes for a complete procedure
  • Over 70,000 procedures performed
  • Clinical study demonstrates significant relief in back pain after a series of 6 treatments