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Technological Gap

The procedure “Hyper-Stimulation” analgesia is not extensively utilized in the clinical settings due to the necessity of locating appropriate ATP’s. This necessity makes such treatments time consuming and cumbersome, and require previous knowledge of the potential locations and the identification of ATP`s associated with low back pain.

Moreover, some technologies offer the capability to measure skin impedance for locating ATPs in the aim of applying such stimulation to them. However these technologies are manual and enforcing prolonged procedure by firstly enabling manual application of stimulation to one point at a time, and secondly offering limited accuracy due to their single dimensional nature inherent by measurement of a single point at a time, thus not taking advantage of the electrodermal information of the entire region of interest.

Technology Principles

Therapeutic neurostimulation pulse modulation of dense electrical pulses applied locally to specific Active Trigger Points (ATPs) which are locations of nerve ending associated with pain, provide highly effective pain relief by stimulating the release of endorphins – the body’s natural pain killers


No technique currently exists for effective identification of these ATPs in the clinical settings. However, Pain is characterized by nerve activity at locations known as Active Trigger Points (ATPs) that causes changes in the electrical properties of the skin at these locations. Such changes are characterized by decrease of skin impedance.


The challenge is than to utilize measurement technique including the analysis of the measured data to identify ATP’s accurately, and apply Hyper-Stimulation analgesia to the targeted ATP’s by means of simple-to-operate, fast and accurate technology that required no unique skills, and enables the treatment of multiple targeted points.

Targeted Hyper-Stimulation – The Technology


Nervomatrix has developed Targeted Hyper-Stimulation and introduced SOLEVE®.


Soleve® image processing helps to analyze data and to look for the lowest points of electrical impedance for targeting appropriate locations for treatment


Instantaneously, via the array of probes, a series of localized, dense electrical pulses are delivered to the targeted points, accelerating the release of our own body’s natural pain killers and provide highly effective pain relief.