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Clinical Study

Nervomatrix investigated the effectiveness of the SOLEVE®  Auto-Targeted Neurostimulation system in a 19-patient study at the Physical Therapy unit at the Bnai Zion Medical Center in Haifa, Israel.
Protocol - Of the 19 patients, five were females (79%) and four were men (21%) with a mean age of 52.1±10.8 years. All were diagnosed with non-specific chronic low back pain. The protocol consisted of six treatment sessions, 2-4 days apart. Each session included a <1 minute automatic impedance screening, followed by a 20-minute treatment of the lowest impedance points according to the company’s proprietary algorithms.
Primary Outcome - The primary outcome measure consisted of changes in pain intensity as measured on a 100 mm pain visual analogue scale (VAS) obtained at enrollment, before and 2 hours after each treatment.
Result - The mean ±SD baseline VAS score for all participants was 61±14. During treatment, VAS scores decreased significantly compared with baseline scores by 39±17 mm (p< 0.001). Notably, VAS scores of all the patients, except for one, decreased by more than 20 mm after the fourth treatment, therefore showing marked improvement in 95% of enrolled patients. 


95% Showed a 20-Point Reduction in VAS Score After Forth Session



Clinical Track Record
Over 2,000 patients in California were treated for lower and upper back pain with 15 clinical centers performing 12,000 procedures. 65.5% of these patients complete all six sessions, 73.4% completed five sessions and 79.0% completed four.
“Soleve™ has proven highly effective for a large number of patients with no side effects, without the use of drugs or other therapies.” - Dr. Elie, California-based clinician supervisor Sarasota Interventional Radiology, an advanced diagnostic and therapy center, has been using Soleve as part of its LBP regimen. Gerald E. Grubbs, M.D. reports that their success with Soleve has been of special significance and that their patient satisfaction has been substantial.